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Flora of Nepal Vol. 3

Flora of Nepal Vol. 3


Edited by Mark F. Watson, Shinobu Akiyama, Hiroshi Ikeda, Colin A. Pendry, Keshab R. Rajbhandari and Krishna K. Shrestha

Nepal is a country of rich biodiversity, with habitats ranging from tropical jungles to the icy peaks of the world's highest mountains. Centred in a global biodiversity hotspot, and hope to a third of all Himalayan species, Nepal's ecosystems are crucial to life across Asia. The Flora of Nepal is the first comprehensive record of this diversity.

Volume 3 is the first of 10 volumes and documents 600 species in 21 families including the Rosaceae with ecologically and horticulturally important genera such as Malus, Potentilla, Rosa and Sorbus; the Cruciferae (Brassicaceae) including crop plants, alpines and important ruderal weeds; and the Papaveraceae including Meconopsis, the iconic Himalayan blue poppies.

Nepal: an introduction to the natural history, ecology and human environment of the Himalayas, the companion volume to the Flora, is also available.

Hardback, 425pp, 286 x 220mm, line drawings

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