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Gardening the Earth

Gardening the Earth

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Gardening the Earth : gateways to a sustainable future

by Professor Stephen Blackmore

ISBN: 978-1-906129-19-4

In this frank, but highly readable book, Professor Stephen Blackmore, former RBGE Regius Keeper, strips away the mystique and complexity that often shrouds the subject of climate change. No longer is it a topic exclusively for scientists and politicians to debate. Prof. Blackmore has thrown climate change into the public arena and his book puts the responsibility for conserving our planet well and truly in our hands. He emphasises the need to keep our rich biological inheritance and to recognise the importance of plants in keeping the global ecosystems balanced. He reminds us that we are all shareholders in planet Earth and that we need to invest in nature by tending the global garden.

Paperback, 140pp, 282 x 225mm, full colour illustrations throughout

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