Book Review - Plants: Healers & Killers

Book Review - Plants: Healers & Killers

A review of Plants: Healers & Killers has just been published (August 2016) in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 181, Issue 4, page 724.

The reviewer, Olwen M. Grace writes:

"Plants: Healers and Killers is rather unusual, because it is the work of a single author yet is comprehensive in its treatment of the subject. The strength of the book lies unequivocally in the clinical insights it offers into the effects of the sixteen famous medicinal plants profiled here—author Michael Radcliffe Lee is a retired physician—and these are supplemented by authoritative notes on plant taxonomy, chemistry and history of use.

The clarity of style, rich illustrations and thoughtful layout—with liberal use of coloured text boxes, different fonts and text arranged in two columns—make this a pleasant and easy read."

The full review is freely available to read online.

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