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10cm Pillar Candle - Petrol Blue

10cm Pillar Candle - Petrol Blue

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British Colour Standard by Designed in Colour

Petrol Blue 15cm Pillar Candle

An eco, fair trade pillar candle in Petrol Blue.  The colour Petrol Blue was introduced in 1943 in seasonal ranges, it was standardized sue to the influx of requests for this colour.

A lovely gift that comes in an easily recycled Kraft Card box,


  • H:10cm Dia:7.5cm
  • 36 hour burn time
  • 100% Stearin Wax (Vegetable Origin)
  • No animal derived ingredients
  • Pure cotton wick (Lead/Metal free)
  • Ecological colour dyes
  • Paraffin Free

Candle Care & Safety:

  • Best when lit for 4 hours at a time
  • Stop burning when 2cm of unmelted candle remains
  • Leave 10 cm between candles when burning
  • Always use a candleholder/plate under the candle

About the brand

''A treasure trove of colour & rich history first established 1931. Out of use since the 1950’s, they acquired & accurately scanned original colour dictionaries. A digital colour reader established a profile for the many hundreds of colours created and logged in the 1930’s and these original colours & names are used in their current collections. Derived and inspired from nature, flora & fauna, as well as semi-precious stones & spices, the main collections include many historic & special Royal colours, designed and used for coronations & special events.
Aiming to be the go-to brand for colour in the home for paint & interior accessories as well as championing eco, sustainable & Fair Trade products within their collections. Established 1931, now 21st Century ready.''
Source: British Colour Standard



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