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Shell On Earth - Crushed Whelk Shells

Shell On Earth - Crushed Whelk Shells

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Shell On Earth - Crushed Whelk Shells

Established on the West Coast of Wales in 2019 by a family looking to utilise the waste produce from the fishing and shellfish industry. This pack combines recycled, washed and dried whelk shells that are then crushed until fine. 

The crushed shells make a lovely decorate addition to the tops of plants plots, especially succulents and cacti. 

  • Materials: Whelk Shells
  • Packaging Material: Paper / Twine
  • Dimensions: H:18cm L:11cm D:5cm (Mini)
  • Weight: 1 - 1.5kg (Mini)

    From the brand

    "It's estimated that 5000 tonnes of waste shells are generated in the UK fishing industry every year. We are proud to not only reduce our waste output from the factory, but also to help support a circular economy by utilising 100% of the whelks we process."

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