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Botanical Treasures

Botanical Treasures


ISBN: 978-1-906129-97-2

This wonderfully illustrated book is a snapshot of our extensive national collection of botanical books, herbarium specimens and archival material.

With more than three million preserved plant specimens and 70,000 books to choose from, the selection is just a sample of the treasures we hold, offering a glimpse into this unique collection. From objects that tell tales of daring plant collectors, to specimens of plants now extinct, historical maps and diaries, a letter from Charles Darwin and innovative nature printing techniques, this book showcases an international collection that reflects the rich scientific history of Scotland and is still used every day in our work to explore, explain and conserve the world of plants.

This book won runner up in the Best New Publications category of the Association for Cultural Enterprises Awards 2015.

Paperback, 160pp, 215 x 242mm, full colour illustrations throughout

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