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Scottish Botanicals - Skincare Gift Set

Scottish Botanicals - Skincare Gift Set

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Scottish Botanicals - Skincare Gift Set | Made in collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

This skincare set contains 7 herbal extracts to clean and soothe your skin, easing signs of the daily stresses of life. The aromatic scent of blended herbs is relaxing and calming, making the perfect gift for your loved ones, or even yourself.

Application Details : Herbal toner - Daily Moisture - Cream

Key ingredients : Rose, Speedwell, Bergamot, Silverweed, Chamomile, Heather, Witch Hazel extract

Gift Box Contains :

  • SB_7 Miracle Blend Herbal Toner 250ml 1ea
  • SB_7 Miracle Blend Daily moisture 120ml 1ea
  • SB_7 Miracle Blend Moisturizing Cream 50g 1ea

Box size : L23cm W15cm H9.5cm

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Made in the UK

250ml 8.45 fl. Oz

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