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Guide to collecting herbarium specimens in the field

Guide to collecting herbarium specimens in the field

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ISBN: 978-1-910877-21-0

In a time of continuing habitat destruction and species loss it is vitally important to ensure that fundamental botanical work is being carried out to identify, assess and conserve biodiversity around the world. Much of this work is dependent on collecting plant and fungi samples and preserving them for current and future research. These samples are brought together and held in herbaria (collections of preserved plant specimens for scientific study). Some of the methods for collecting herbarium specimens are similar to those developed centuries ago, but there are also new techniques, particularly in the collection of samples for DNA extraction.

This booklet presents the relevant information in a clear, concise format making it an essential guide for students and early career researchers, as well as botanists and ecologists who may not have been trained in herbarium collecting techniques. The design of the booklet means that it can fit into a pocket, making it easy to take into the field as an informative quick reference guide to collecting herbarium specimens.

Spiral, 29pp, 180 x 110mm, full colour illustrations throughout

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