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Johannes Kentmann's Herb Book

Johannes Kentmann's Herb Book

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Johannes Kentmann's 'Kreutterbuch' (Herb Book) first published in 1563.

Edited by Dr Harald Alex

Translated by Heike Campbell, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Regarded as one of the most comprehensive and beautiful plant guides of the German Renaissance period, an extensive collection of 600 water colour images from the 16th Century. Published in its entirety for the first time since 1563 and with the German and English translation side by side this is a limited edition piece holding what are regarded as the finest Renaissance plant illustration still in existence.

A magnificent piece of work that can be attributed to the first documentation of various plant species in European history such as the Turkish Tulip and Snowdrop. Included in this publication are the 600 watercolours as well as information on the book itself and an index of the drawings in German and English. 

Hardback / 548 pages

Published: First in 1563 and 2022

Authors: Johannes Kentmann

Editor: Dr Harald Alex

Translator: Heike Campbell, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh




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