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Photosynthesis: Shedding New Light on Plants

Photosynthesis: Shedding New Light on Plants

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Photosynthesis: Shedding New Light on Plants

Catalogue for the travelling exhibition Photosynthesis, created by the nature-inspired art collective Tropism in 2015 at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Artists belonging to art movement Tropism have been photographing the world of plants, using unusual, often scientific, visualisation techniques. The use of infrared, x-ray, pinhole and electron microscopy give the images a surrealistic and magical touch. The results are unique artistic visualisations that offer a surprising and spectacularly different view of plants. The exhibition includes seventeen series or perceptions, some movies and installations, each realised in a special visualisation technique. Each series has a Latin name that typefaces the perception. The series 'Trans Planta' shows the plant world in x-ray and 'Camera Obscura' uses 'pinhole'technique, etc.

Published by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2015)
Curated by Alfred Marseille & Robin Noorda

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