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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Scottish Plant Lore: An Illustrated Flora

Scottish Plant Lore: An Illustrated Flora

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Scotland’s plants define its landscape – from the heather moorlands of its iconic habitats to the weeds and garden plants of its towns and cities. Plants have shaped the country’s domestic economy and culture over centuries, providing resources for agriculture and industry as well as food, drink and medicines. They have even inspired children’s games and been used as components in magical charms.

Drawing together traditional knowledge from archives and oral histories with the work of some of the country’s finest botanical artists, this book is a magnificent celebration of the enormous wealth of Scottish plant lore.

Dr Greg Kenicer is a botanist at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. His PhD looked at DNA, diversity and evolution of pulses. After its completion he returned to Edinburgh and joined RBGE’s thriving education department, where he has
worked ever since.

Author: Gregory J. Kenicer

Pages: 184

Cover: Hardback

Size: 24.5 x 22.5cm

First Published: RBGE, 2018

Published: Birlinn Ltd, 2020

Copyright Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2018

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