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Scottish Plant Names by Gregory J. Kenicer

Scottish Plant Names by Gregory J. Kenicer

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Scottish Plant Names by Gregory J. Kenicer 

From Fairy’s Thimbles to Dabberlocks and from Leddy’s Fingers to Stinking Tam, this small book of wondrous plant names is also an exploration of language through the ages. 

This book delves into the botany of language, and although the focus is very much on Scots, Gaelic and English, the influences of many other tongues can be seen throughout.

Presented as a dictionary, and covering a variety of flowers, fungi and mosses, this book presents the rich history of these plants and how they rooted themselves firmly in the language of the people of Scotland. Illustrated throughout by Hazel France, showing the plants as they appear in the wild as well all literal image depictions of their weird and wonderful names. 

This book is more than a simple dictionary; it is a tangible link between the past and present, through language and the plants of Scotland’s woods, forests, glens, and shores. Whether your interests lie in the worlds of plants, or in words, this book has something for everyone.


About the Author

Author Gregory Kenicer is also the author of Scottish Plant Lore and Plant Magic. A botanist and tutor at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, he has inspired learners of all ages for 20 years. He has published numerous scientific papers on the evolution and diversity of peas and beans but his heart also lies with the fantastic relationships between plants and people.

Illustrated by Hazel France, artist and horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.


Author: Gregory J. Kenicer
Illustrated: Hazel France
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256 with illustrations throughout

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