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Urs Raussmuller: Ryman Paintings and Ryman Exhibitions

Urs Raussmuller: Ryman Paintings and Ryman Exhibitions

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Urs Raussmüller, artist and connoisseur of Robert Ryman’s work, comments in this book on the subtle characteristics and qualities of Robert Ryman’s paintings and their amazing ability to react to their surroundings. He describes the quality of the individual works, their interplay with light and space and the impression they are able to exert on viewers. He speakes of the great challenge to present these works adequately, refrain from treating them just like any other conventional painting and have each Ryman exhibition take effect as a condensed artistic intention.

Exhibition: Inverleith House 29 July - 23 October 2005, Limited Edition of 1000 copies

Published by Rausmuller Collection (2006)
Artist: Ryman Paintings and Ryman Exhibitions
Pages: 72

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